Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It's the Final Countdown.

Hello and welcome to the final count down for the Transportation Safety Coalition's Petition for a public vote on the Red Light Camera program!!!

Transportation Safety Coalition (TSC) believes we are very close to the
needed 3,880 valid signatures and will be turning in petitions on
Monday, June 20th so the city officials and county auditor can look over
and verify our petition signatures. We would also like to thank the
city/county staff for their efforts and ability to answer questions for
the TSC in regards to the local initiative.

of the fact that we have to collect signatures of only "Bellingham
voters" we feel we need to have one last signature collecting petition
drive to feel completely comfortable about turning in the amount of
valid signatures we require.  We are very confident we can do it if we
get the help we need on this last drive so come on out this Saturday and
join in on the fun!

Saturday, June 18th: All Day Final Petition Drive!!!

Bellingham Farmers Market - 10am - 3pm the TSC Petition Table. Find us located at the corner of Railroad Ave and Chestnut St

Boulevard Park - 6pm to collect before the FREE SHOW The Paperboys band starts.  

Johnny Weaver (TSC)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

"Countdown at the Green Frog"

The Transportation Safety Coalition is hosting a "Red Light Camera PETITION COUNTDOWN EVENT" at the Green Frog Acoustic Tavern
902 N State St # 104
Bellingham, WA 98225-5089

(360) 756-1213
There are still two weeks left to collect petitions to get a public vote on red light cameras in Bellingham and The James Lee Harris Jr Band is set to perform!!

We need filled, or partially filled, petitions in as soon as possible so come join in on the fun! Thanks to everyone who has supported us we are very positive and excited about final push before the deadline June 24th (we might need to turn them in early so they have time to verify in time to get it on the Nov Ballot, preferably have them in by June 18th). If you can't make the party you will miss out on the fun :( , but may still turn in petitions next two Saturdays, June 11th and 18th at the BhamThe Farmers Market between 10am - 3pm. If unable to make any of these events please mail petitions ASAP to the address at the bottom of the petition sheet to the Transportation Safety Coalition (TSC). 

The TSC only has two more Saturdays at the Farmers Market! We will have the table at Railroad and Chestnut from 10-AM to 3PM. You can find us on Facebook and we recently were in the Bellingham Herald

Johnny Weaver (TSC)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

.March Madness

Randy and I were able to collect over 100 signatures at Boulevard Park and The Green Frog. Let's give a big thanks to The Green From and Kristi "Kit" Nelson. I think every Bellingham voter there signed. We want to do something like this again but the Green Frog is moving to a bigger venue near Pepper Sisters. Maybe we can do this again in a month. In the meantime you can still get some quality beers at The Green Frog for a couple of weeks. I had the Snipes Dos Borrachos keller beer.

If you haven't listened to Kristi "Kit" yet check out here website and catch one of her shows in Bellingham. She is playing tonight at the Honeymoon Wine bar for St Paddy's. She still has a few CDs left.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Transportation Safety Coalition Initiative Celebration

On Wednesday, March 16th at 9PM the Transportation Safety Coalition will be hosting a kickoff event at the Green Frog 902 N State St. Singer songwriter Kristi Nelson will be performing.  The Transportation Safety Coalition is a local organization of volunteers who are sponsoring a Belllingham City petition to remove automated ticketing machines from city limits. The event is open to the public and will be an opportunity for networking and outreach. Admission is free. 21+ age requirement.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

City of Bellingham proposes Automated Ticketing Machines

City Councilman Gene Knutson commits an obvious Freudian slip when he is about to say that it is not about safety. Even the mayor says it's about money. So if safety is so important to you, then why did it take so long to do something about this "horrible problem"?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Automatic Ticketing Machine Initiative: Let the People Vote!

Johnny Weaver, members of the Transportation Safety Coalition (TSC), and concerned citizens formally deliver paperwork for the initiative to let the people vote on whether the City of Bellingham allows Automated Ticketing Machines in the city limits.
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